Lockdown Birthday

Oh Hai, 

Lockdown Birthday - Louise Pentland

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should, it’s a hoot and a half over there each and every day let me tell you!), you might know that yesterday, it was my birthday. 

Another trip around the sun, another year older, the big Three Five! 

If these were normal times I’d have seen some friends, had a lovely meal out with the fam, maybe gone for a mooch round a cute little village full of boutiques and vintage shops (Olney, I’m looking at you), but alas, we’re surfing the waves of a global pandemic and we are in a National Lockdown.

So, here are some details I want to remember in 35 years time when I look back on my life and reminisce. Any excuse for a list eh?

🖤 Handmade cards. I told Liam not to make any non-essential shopping trips just for a card which resulted in some pretty craft projects from the girls. Pandemic Positive there!

🖤 So. Much. Wine. I’m not much of a drinker but when all this started and my worry levels were through the roof, I found a glass of wine or two really helped in the evenings. Maybe I’ve mentioned that one too many times because I now have 6 new bottles sat on the bureau to see me through, haha! (Always drink responsibly). 

🖤 Surprise Cake. About midday we had a knock on the door and voila, Gemma from The Copper Kitchen (my favourite local baker) had made me a surprise cake! Pink, sparkly and Disney – perfect! On top of that, my Auntie Judith made me my favourite little chocolate orange fairy cakes so with those and the wine, I’m fully stocked!

🖤 Porch Pals. After weeks of being very isolated, we had an array of visitors. Except, they all had to stand half way down the path with brollies! It was so strange sat in my door way on my office chair, wrapped in blankets (it was so cold yesterday!), whilst my parents stood in their big puffy jackets and brollies talking about where they were with their own lives at 35. A big bonus of receiving ‘guests’ like this is that you don’t have to panic-tidy your house 5 minutes before they arrive! We had my parents, Auntie Judith and my cousin pop by for a garden path shout-chat. Felt like a really weird treat.

🖤 Rainy Snuggles. As mentioned above, the weather was more Autumn than Spring, but that just adds to the cosiness if you ask me. At bedtime both the girlies snuggled up in my big bed and we watched ‘Back In Time for the Corner Shop’ on BBC iPlayer – a series Darcy really loves. 

I think when you’re a Mummy, birthdays become less about you and more about them so I wasn’t too bothered about not doing something big.

Liam and I both share April birthdays so we’ve decided we’ll have a joint celebration when all this is over. 

I wanted to also say a really big thank you to everyone who sent such lovely messages. I felt like I was having a party in my phone and it was amazing to feel so loved – you guys really are the best of eggs. 

I’d love to know if you go big for your birthday or if you channel it all into your kidlets (if you have them)? Lemme know below!


L xxx

PS – My Dad gave me ‘eBay vouchers’ (cash) so I now have a lovely flutter of vintage Polly Pockets coming my way! Woo!

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