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If you’re new, hello, welcome, my name is Louise Pentland, an author (I’ve written 5 best selling books), vlogger (I make joy filled videos about my life as an OG YTer Mama on my channel with 2.4 million subscribers), podcaster (Mothers Meeting, it’s good!), public speaker (book me for your panel, I love it) and all-round social media-er. I focus on Motherhood and positive, passionate living…

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My Books!

Did you know I have written 5 Sunday Times bestselling novels? I don’t like to mention it very often (I do) because I’m very shy and humble about it all. Who’s counting eh? Five. Nobody’s counting. Five.

My latest book, Mumlife, explores my perfect, yet VERY imperfect journey through motherhood. From the realities of being a working mum (yes, the mum guilt is real AF), to finding love again as a single mum, Mumlife is an honest tale of modern motherhood.

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YouTube Vids!

My YouTube channel is the place to be if you love family life insights, plus size style inspo, disney, friends, alllll the adventures! It’s a very happy place over there and I’d love to have YOU as a subscriber!!

This channel has done something AMAZING – It has built a loyal, intelligent, compassionate community of over two million people who want to feel good and BE good. They are the BEST thing about this space. #ProudMama.

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